jeudi 15 décembre 2011

New in this week

 Models Own Nail Polish

 Asos gliter heels

 Isabel Marant jeans (on Ebay)

Books : 'The Baking Bible' and 'Last Letters to Loved Ones' by Rose Rouse

Extract of 'Last Letters to Loved Ones' :

Dear Mum and Dad,
If you are reading this, then you will know I won't be coming home. I am up in the stars now looking down on you making sure that you are safe.
I am sorry for all the time I have been a pain but I know the good times outweighed the bad tenfold.
Thank you for being the best parents anyone could ever have wished for and you gave me everything I could ever have wanted and more.
You have both got long lives ahead of you yet so make sure you make use of every second you have because sitting here writing this now I know just how precious time is.
Tell the rest of the family I was thinking of them and make sure they all take care.
Forgiveness is something every body deserves beacause one day, it may be too late.
Remember that every time you are thinking of me, I am thinking of you too. Look after yourselves,
All my love,

Ben Hyde, killed in Afghanistan in 2003

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